ersem + dyon = readymade

From the principal’s office, to legal burqa’s, refusee flags & Lionel Messi

Currently @ 180 Amsterdam
Previously @ The Family Amsterdam, FamousGrey

Our Story

After coincidentally being paired-up for a school project and ending up in the principal’s office, we quickly became friends and inevitably: a creative team. During our study, we both pursued our cinematic interest by making a detour to study film at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Would you like a side with that?

Side-projects are very important to us. They release us of frustration, imagination & lingering what-ifs. That’s why you’ll find our portfolio to always contain plenty of sides to consume.

What (we believe) we’re good at

(Art) Direction
(Copy) Writing
Big Ideas

Presenting & Pretending

Cultural Insights
Giving Interviews while wearing sunglasses

A Cute Timeline

Last and least:


Nomination – beLOFte 2022JuNiOrMaG
Silver Lamp – Dutch Creativity AwardsCertified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Certified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Certified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – Certified Tailors
Finalist – Dutch Creativity Awards – The Refusee Flags
Gold – RA*W DOOH Challenge – The Legal Burqa
Competitors – Young Lions – The Signs Are Everywhere
SAN Accent – SAN Awards – Certified Tailors


Gold Pencil – The One Show – In Touch With Your Emotions
Bronze Lamp – Dutch Creativity Awards – Dutch New Times
Bronze Lamp – Dutch Creativity Awards – The Legal Burqa


Silver – The Side Show – The Legal Burqa
Shortlist – The Side Show – The Slave Bracelet
Shortlist – The Side Show – The Legal Burqa



Publication – RA*WReal Talks #4
Publication – FONK MagazineRA*W Real Talks #4
Publication – MarketingTribuneRA*W Real Talks #4
Publication – FONK MagazineNomination JuNiOrMaG
Publication – FONK Magazine – Young Creatives Takeover
Presentation – REDHOOK School – Cannes Grand Bronze
Publication – ADCN – The Legal Burqa
Publication – Adformatie – Cannes Live Blog
Publication – Adformatie – ‘Canneshebbers’
Interview – Dutch Embassy of CreativityJunior Mag
Interview – Dutch Embassy of CreativityCannes Introduction


Publication – Adformatie – Random Pick of the Week
Interview – Islam ChannelThe Legal Burqa
Publication – Daily SabahThe Legal Burqa
Publication – TRT WorldThe Legal Burqa
Publication – The Covid Art MuseumThe Legal Burqa
Publication – The Quick + The BraveThe Legal Burqa
Publication – BigumiguThe Legal Burqa
Publication – Art Madness MagThe Legal Burqa