Ersem Erçil | art director

From drumming in front of the loudest football crowd in the world to trying to get crowds talking about the work we do.

My parents sold their house in the city centre of Haarlem and moved to Izmir (Turkey) just because I wanted that. That house is worth more than €400.000 now. Sorry parents.

Moving from country to country forced me to be flexible wherever I go. Observe and absorb the culture. Just like my parents don’t own that house anymore, I don’t really call a physical place on earth home. Except all the stadiums I have been to.

From Liverpool to Belgrado and far beyond, I traveled as the drummer for Beşiktaş fans, the loudest fans in the world (132 db).

I gained art direction skills while designing banners, and got some awards, press, and a thank you letter from a UEFA Security Consultant for the atmosphere we created. 

Let’s go to a football game