Our proposition is this: we are part-time available to extern at your agency. We work on briefings and provide ideas like the ones you can find on this website. What’s the catch? The only thing we ask for is involvement, trust & recognition.


Unlike wildfires, COVID-19 & hiring freezes, an externship could be a very pleasant experience. Think of it as a progressive, 2020-proof, way of contributing to the creative world by giving a (recently graduated) junior team the experience they are hungry for. After all, you know what they say: Hire freelancers and they eat for a day. Give externs the experience they need, and they will eat for a lifetime.


So, if you’re interested in two creatives who have ideas about creating, then now’s your chance to get them at the special discount price of whateveryouplease,- an hour.


    How long would you like to have us?

    Marcel Duchamp already introduced it in the beginning of the 20th century, Readymade. An art-form where everyday objects are being taken out of context to then, receive a new meaning. 


    You could describe us as Dyon Kaleuwee & Ersem Ercil. We met at the Willem de Kooning Academy and have been working together for for four years, including a detour to study film at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

    Quite early in our honeymoon stage, we agreed: We don’t really think of ideas, we find them. Because ideas and connections are already out there. You just have to find the right ones. Enough motivation for us to be as creative resourceful as we can be.

    This principle forms a strong foundation for all of our work. We’re constantly trying to re-invent the world around us, And we find it re-invents us in the process too.

    If we were to name our ‘expertise’, it would be our ability to tap into counterculture with a ‘dadaistic’ approach. We live in a well-defined era, where culture is asking all the right questions. we take it up as our responsibility to come up with the right solutions. After all, before anything, we’re problem solvers.


    You know a bit more about the team, you know barely anything about us. If you haven’t noticed the first two links, here are two new ones to our individual portfolios: here & here

    Want to reach out or find out what we’re currently up to? Click here.