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IKEA – Silence The Critics | @motherlondon ~ “Toy Story for adults”. Inanimate objects that seem to come very alive will always contribute to a magical feeling. A feeling that, in our opinion, most Ikea ads manage to capture. As we see in the Toy Story franchise, toys are your best friends. But what if those cute little toys actually start to criticize you, isn’t that what real friendship is about?   Once again Mother achieves to appropriate their message in a way that is ridiculous, but somehow still very relatable. They play into culture(like most contemporary ads try to do) and manage to grasp the language of the new generation of target audiences. The Grime music aspect taps efficiently into the UK’s contemporary culture, while the subject is neglecting the traditional Christmas trope. That in a nutshell, makes one of the first Christmas commercials of this year, already stand out between all the upcoming Christmas noise. That was our two cents. #ikea #uk #christmas #ad #motherlondon A post shared by readymade (@readymade.work) on