The Signs Are Everywhere

Year: 2022
Type: Cannes Young Lions Competition

Vocal Artist: Wiser Observer

Music: Wiser Observer
Visual Effects: Owen van Dijk

The signs are everywhere: in the shape of peace signs, raised fists, cardboard messages and big protest marches. Putting your signs up is not only important, it’s necessary.

Change is imminent but not always immediate. Sometimes, in spite of all we do, it can even feel like we’re moving backwards. But we mustn’t let that discourage us.

The truth is that the only way to make a change tomorrow, is to start today. And the best sign to begin with is to Sign Up.

We made sure to include culturally relevant movements, like the umbrella movement in Hong Kong, the women’s rights movement, the climate marches and even a ‘cacerolazo’ (pots and pans protest).

“Join the movement today, so tomorrow we’ll walk a little less.”